Airwings Missile Attack

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Airwings Missile Attack GamePlay:

Airwings Missile Attack is a riveting game at You serve as a plane driver and control a plane through the sea. A bunch of perilous missiles attacks you. Their aim is to prevent you from doing the mission. Make this mission possible. Airwings Missile Attack game enhances driving skill in friv 2 player


Airwings Missile Attack free game is a driving single-player game. You control a normal plane which is white with two red wings. You are flying, but you are not hovering in the high sky. You are hovering over the ocean. You can see the beautiful sea with the crystal blue water surface. However, your plane is in danger on friv 2 player games. Many rockets are attacking you. Watch out! Enemies only use missiles to harm you. 


You fly and meet rivals. Enemies are missiles. They run after you. Rockets try to crash into you and cause an explosion. You will blow up when they bump into you. Missiles are very flexible. They can change direction suddenly. They may turn right, turn left and turn around. Enemies chase you until they gain your goal at friv 2 player for free. You must move cleverly to evade them. 


The game is a balancing act between escaping from missiles and collecting stars. You meet gold stars on the way. Move to take them. The game has bonuses like shields which protect you in a few seconds. Missiles cannot attack you in those seconds. Don’t miss bonuses and stars. Missiles attack one by one or in groups. They come from various directions of friv 2 player online games. Concentrate to avoid attack waves. Create smart movements to make rockets crash each other. Your heart may beat fast when you fight in the battle. If you fail, you will see your time score, stars score, missiles score, total score, and best score. Begin a new clash in the air.


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  • Use arrows to control the airplane. 
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