Anna And Elsa Glittery Bridesmaids

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Anna And Elsa Glittery Bridesmaids of is an occasion to learn how to make up for a wedding. Anna and Elsa are invited to attend a wedding ceremony. They are going to be bridesmaids. Serve as a stylist to do makeovers for them in frfiv. In Anna And Elsa Glittery Bridesmaids game, two princesses are on song.  

Anna And Elsa Glittery Bridesmaids free game lets you see a royal wedding. Anna and Elsa are two princesses of Disney world. They live in Arendelle. One day, their friend gets married. The bride invites them to her wedding. She also wants them to become bridesmaids. Anna and Elsa have to prepare for the ceremony on frfiv games. Support them.

Firstly, get dressed. Anna will try on cloth items. There are five stunning dresses. She tries one by one so as to choose the best one. Their colors are different. They are white, pink, light blue, and orange. Their length is different too. They are tailor-made, so all fit her body at frfiv player games. Another good feature is that dresses are twinkling like stars. Besides, 4 shirts and 4 skirts are ready to show. They all have light colors such as white or pink. Design of shirts and length of skirts are not the same.

Then, Elsa shall get dressed. She has other elegant dresses. You can mix a shirt and skirt to make a set. Pick a hairstyle, necklace, bracelet, and tiara. Don’t forget a pair of earrings. Pick a suitable hairstyle for Anna. We provide long hair, braids, curly hair, wavy hair, and shoulder-length hair in frfiv online games. Put a ring of flowers or a pretty tiara on her hair. Wear a necklace, earrings, and bracelet. They are made of gemstones.

The next step is making up. Use mascara to thicken and lengthen her eyelashes. Choose a nice lipstick color. Apply eyeshadow and use an eyeliner to make her eyes glitter. Apply blusher on her cheeks. Now two young ladies are ready to perform as good bridesmaids.

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