Archery King Online

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Archery King Online is available at now. The game is a wise choice for fans of archery. You will become addicted to Archery King Online free game of friv 2 for sure because it is so interesting and funny. You practice as a sportsman and train yourself to reach the best score. How about trying it now?

Archery King Online game appears so easy to play and win. It is a one-player free online game. Do you have knowledge of archery? Do you desire to be an archery king? In the game, there are two male archers training together in a green field in friv 2 player game. You control both of them. 

One man is the shooter and the other is the supporter who put targets on his head. Two men stand face to face. The supporter has the aim items such as watermelons and packs of the arrow on his head.  The shooter shoots with a bow and arrows. His mission is to shoot successfully at the targets. You have to control him cleverly on friv 2 for free. Choose the right direction to shoot the arrow every time you play.

We supply 15 arrows to use for each archer. Two men take turns to be the shooter. If a bowman uses up his arrows, the other will become the shooter. Therefore, you have 2 turns in every time. Each good shot gives you one point. The total score you get from two bowmen is your final score. The best score will be shown on the screen after the game is over at friv 2 online game. As both archers use up their arrows, the game will end.

If you are attached to this game, send your feedback, rate and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to discover other cool games such as The Spear Stickman, Appe Shooter, and Ben 10 Super Archer from . Have a nice time!

Controls: Click the mouse to shoot the arrows. 

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