ATV Trials: Indutrial

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Are you a professional racer in the world? Ok! Do you dare to join ATV Trials: Indutrial at friv school Games and challenge all other talented racers in ATV Trials: Indutrial right now!


Raise your hand if you are a fan of racing game? Today, we will introduce you one of the most attractive racing games on the planet. Are you ready to conquer every track in ATV Trials: Indutrial? I challenge you! OK?


Unlike other racing games, ATV Trials: Indutrial will bring you many new and attractive points in the game. The first attraction is that the game is divided into several levels, so you just have to try to complete each level and conquer every race. This will help you avoid wasting time because if you don’t play the levels, you will have to play again from the beginning even though you have gone a long way at play friv of 2018 games.


The second attraction is that the graphic design and context of this game are extremely unique and refreshing. Set in a mysterious forest with a series of dangerous obstacles and deadly traps, the game promises to create a great space for players. Besides, 3D visual effects and live sound also contribute to the success of the game.


The last attraction is in the gameplay at free Games friv. In this race, you will have two main missions along the way. The first task for you is that you have to control your monster car carefully to conquer every track in the shortest time. The second point for you is that at all costs, you have to keep the balance of your car while you pass through dangerous obstacles on the way.


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How to play?

Use arrow keys or WASD  to drive or balance your car on the race track.

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