Fireboy And Watergirl 2

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Fireboy And Watergirl 2 GamePlay:

Watch your step and move carefully in this adventure game from online Fireboy And Watergirl 2. This time, these two join forces on a new adventure to the Chamber of Light, and you are invited as well! It will be a fun journey to collect all the missing gems.

Fire and Water don't mix well together, so make sure that Fireboy doesn't fall into the water and Watergirl doesn't step on the fire blocks. In this frivgame, there are two characters moving at the same time, so you can share the game with your friend. Or you can use both hands and split your mind into two to control both of them. But be very careful in order to make the right moves and move wisely because if one character dies, the game is over.

Each level has a different task, however, the ultimate goal is to get both of your characters out of the chambers. In order to do so, you need to find the leverages, move objects, activate buttons, direct the light and collect all gems. Some of the levels are very elaborated, therefore, these levels require the serious teamwork to overcome all the challenges. It's crucial for you to keep in mind that one character is made of fire and the other consists of water to ace this game.

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Use W, A, S, D to control Watergirl and arrow keys to control Fireboy.

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