Geo Dash

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Geo Dash GamePlay:

Geo Dash is nothing short of an enthralling game in You will set your foot on a perilous adventure, go ahead and try not to touch acute obstructions. You yearn for leading the path of a ruler of racing tracks. This Geo Dash game of ww.friv  is so perfect. It helps players to wipe out tension and pressure. 
You will live in the wondrous worlds of grueling races in Geo Dash free game. This single-player game totally gives you cheerful moments. You are a small block moving forward. Your mission is to move forward and evade obstacles on the road. Triangles which appear everywhere are your enemies at ww.friv com. You have to dodge them at any cost. They are so dangerous that take your life away just with a touch. Catch big air to go ahead and avoid obstacles. 


Besides, your block moves fast. You may have to zoom in on the block and jump quickly if you don’t want to lose your breath. Be engulfed and make clever moves! It’s necessary to respond quickly while playing this game. The structure of roads alters instantly. Make adjustment to those rapid changes on ww.friv game. Sometimes you have to move on ceilings or jump in the air to dodge acute obstructions above and below. Remember to pass through magic gates. After going through them, the block changes its color.


The game has 5 different worlds. You discover lands one by one. Each world consists of 10 levels. Complete all of them to open the next world. Because challenges and difficulties in each world and stage are not the same, you never feel bored. A bar counts down the time you are allowed to play in ww.friv  player game. You must finish all missions in that time. When the green color is full of the time bar, time’s up. If you don’t have enough time or you are murdered, the game will end. It replays automatically, then continues to play. The number of times you play will be recorded. Play well to get all 3 stars at the finish line.    

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  • Tap the screen or use the mouse to jump.
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