Knife Master

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Knife Master is an addicting and amusing game at It is a fun shooting game in which you have to throw knives to hit a target. This game invents eye-opening experiences for players. In wonder of players, Knife Master game definitely refreshes your brain and test your reaction in froiv. Get a move on!

The Knife Master is a funny one-player action game in which you throw blades into a target. You are in a forest and trying to become a knife master. The knives will move continuously from side to side. Target is in the fixed position at the beginning. However, it moves sometimes. The game turns harder and harder on froiv game. The target is round. There are many circles on the target. They are painted separated colors like red, blue and white. The red circle is in the center. It is the bull’s eye. You get combos when you throw knives at it successfully. Circles are equal to different difficulty levels. It is really challenging and fascinating to shoot blades at bull’s eye. You often throw at the white and blue area.

You get a score after a successful shooting time at froiv palyer game. Gain points as many as you can. After the game is over, you see your existing score and best score. You have a tiara when you shoot blades at the red circle. The game doesn’t have levels to complete. You just play more and more until you die. You will lose the game after you couldn’t throw a knife at the round board. Even a mistake can end your game. Be careful! You press Retry icon to start a new game.
We open a shop to you buy new tools in froiv online game. You can buy new knives and boards. You have to use your tiaras to purchase them. Use 20 tiars or 40 tiaras to buy 2 new blades with nice designs. Modern boards are more expensive. One board costs 250 tiaras and the other costs 500 tiaras. The color of background changes while you play. Shoot exactly! You should calculate when you fire knives.

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  • Use the mouse to play.
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