Little Alchemy 2

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Little Alchemy 2 GamePlay:

Little Alchemy is back with some new discoveries for you to make. Combine different elements to create new ones.

Little Alchemy 2, the crafting game enjoyed by millions of players friv, is back with more items, fresh, new art style and charming music!

Mix items and create the world from scratch! Discover exciting items accompanied by funny descriptions and lose yourself exploring the huge, new library!


  • A completely new library.
  • Vibrant art style.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • Encyclopedia with cool item descriptions.

What are you waiting for friv 2018 school? A whole world is waiting to be discovered!

Start with nothing but air, which will give you pressure. Combine pressure with other elements to obtain new ones and you will be amazed by how many results you can end up with by simply putting things together. Kind of like in real life.

Little Alchemy game is so interesting and spectacular. You feel free to invent or create new elements then add them to the library. You will become an intelligent inventor. There are lots of different ways to make new components and phenomena. You definitely like science much more. New inventions come as a surprise to you. As you start playing this game, you cannot stop investigating new things.

It is very easy to play the game. We give you four basic elements. You will combine two elements to create a new one. For example, if you mix soil with water, you will have mud. Mix mud with fire to make brick. How awesome!  You are able to combine two basic elements on friv online game. You also can mix a basic element with a new one or compound two new segments. Formulate new ingredients as many as you can! Expand your library! A huge library proves that you are smart.

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Use the mouse to play this game

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