Medieval Defense Z

Rate: 86.7% | 4.3/5 (3 Player)


Medieval Defense Z GamePlay:

Medieval Defense Z: Archer Game at, The kingdom has been overtaken by a mysterious illness that has turned men into monsters. After death took over the desert, you have to start a dangerous journey to reach the castle to survive.

In Medieval Defense Z, the challenging Online Medieval Zombie Survival Game in jogos friv 5, you have to control a moving tower pulled by a donkey and use archers to fight off waves of attacking zombies. 

Collect money to hire and power-up archers to defend your king and your loyal donkey. After every stage is cleared, you will earn one upgrade, such as extra health, sparrows rain and other devastating powers you can unleash during your battles. Keep advancing to charge your special attacks and try to reach the castle alive.

Play Medieval Defense Z online here at juegos friv 5. Medieval Defense Z is one of our hand picked mobile action games that can be played on any device. Enjoy in!

Controls: Mouse

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