Military Wars Strike

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Military Wars Strike GamePlay:

Military Wars Strike is a modern shooting game which leads you to a war full of danger at You will not be disappointed  when you join the battles and fight for your life. Military Wars Strike game of friv online games attracts so many players from all over the world. Play it right now! Rule the fight!
The The Desert Force is an action shooting multiple – player game. You choose a team to join. You must fight against the opposing team. You move around the battlefield, use your weapon to kill enemies and avoid being killed by them in friv player games.

You must be cautious if you don’t want to lose your life. Enemies attack instantly and you have to react quickly. Kill opponents to get scores. You may become assault, engineer, recon or support. We give you seven minutes to finish a combat. If another player takes your life, you will die. You are reloaded to fight in a new scene of the friv for free. You will fight until the duration ends. Make use of your time and kill enemies as many as possible. Your results including rank, kills, wins, and losses are kept, so you can know your existing result. You can define your position by a small map on the screen. Are you ready to conquer the war?

 There are many kinds of weapon to use. You like them for sure. Sign up on friv online games to have your own character or choose to be a guest. Join a server which has room left for you. There are many servers available. You even can create a new room with max players, round time, game mode and map. All are made by you. So awesome!
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  • Use W A S D keys or arrows to move.
  • Use Space to jump.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use Shift to sprint.
  • Use C to crouch.
  • Use number keys to choose weapons.
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