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Princesses Valentine Day Shopping is nothing short of an entertaining game at Valentine Day, an important day for lovers, is coming. Elsa and Anna worry about it. They need to go shopping to buy clothes and have the new hairstyle. Princesses Valentine Day Shopping game cheers you up in friv free games.


Princesses Valentine Day Shopping free is an online HTML5 game. It can be played on browsers such as safari or chrome. You can play it one smartphone or tablet. Valentine Day is a celebrated day for couples. Two princesses, Elsa and Anna, are head over heels. They are excited to enjoy that day. Nevertheless, two girls have to prepare beautiful look for the date on friv free games online.      


You assist Elsa at first. Elsa goes to 4 stores to buy dresses and do a makeover. Head off to the dress store. You see 6 dresses with different prices. A red dress costs $1150 while a white dress costs $1050. A tube black red dress is $1350. You use $1500 to buy a purple dress. You can take all of them, buy a dress or choose some favorite ones. It’s up to you. Next, go to the hair store of friv free games for kids. There are 6 hairstyles which are braids, curly, and ponytail hair. All of them are silver-colored.  A style with braid bang costs $950. Another curly style values $975. Buy all 6 styles.


Visit the ornaments store. There are 6 sets of jewelry. To buy the first set, you must use $1300. You purchase the second set with $1450. Accessories are made of gemstones, silver, and pearls. They have many designs such as heart-shaped earrings, flower-shapes necklace. Buy high heels in the shoes store. High heels have white, yellow, pink, and black color. Final destination in friv free games for school is the head accessories store. Pick woolen hat, knot, ring of flowers hairpins and flowers. Next, you know the total money you have to pay. That will be $27250.    


Now, it is Anna’s turn. She also goes to the dress store to buy dresses, to head accessories store to buy headbands or knots, to the shoe store to buy high heels, to a hair salon to have new hairstyles, to ornaments store to purchase pieces of jewelry. She pays for them. Two girls will dress up and have a double date. Mix items together to have gorgeous sets of clothes. Princesses are going to a party with their boyfriends.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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