Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers is a riveting shooting game taking you to a war full of danger at You will not feel remorse for attending the battles. Save your life. Shell Shockers online game of friv friv draws a lot of players all around the world. Hold the gun tight and fire. Play it out! Damage all eggs!
The Shell Shockers is different from other games. It’s an action game for free. You will become a fighting egg. Type your name, choose an egg you like and begin your combat. There are 3 eggs to pick. Free Ranger has the CSG-1 weapon. Soldier owns EggK-47 gun while Scrambler uses Dozen Gauge in friv friv for school. Characters’ information including the damage, accuracy, fire rate, and range is also shown below the image. You have to fight alone. Compete against all other enemies. You go around the battlefield, use your machine gun to cause rivals’ death and avoid being killed by them. Sometimes use grenades if you are in trouble.
You must be careful if you don’t want to lose your life. Enemies’ attack waves come continuously. It’s important to react rapidly. Open fire on opponents to earn scores.

If you are shot, you will blow up and the game will be over. We let you know who killed you. Take revenge in the next match on friv friv games. You are able to respawn just by one click. The best kill streak is your result. You can see the rank on a small board in the right corner. Are you ready to rule the confrontation? Join a server among US, Singapore, Brazil, and Germany. There are many servers available. You even can create or join a private game if you have a code.
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  • Use the mouse to shoot.
  • Use W A S D keys or arrows to move.
  • Use Space to jump.
  • Use E key to change weapons.
  • Use R key to reload.
  • Use Q to throw grenades.
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