Shoot Up

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Shoot Up GamePlay:

Shoot Up is ready to play and show your shooting skill on Blocks are about to come to you. They will take your life just with one touch. Players are certainly absorbed in this game. Cheer yourself up by destroying blocks at Shoot Up game of rriv. Move cleverly and grab energy balls to boost your power.


Shoot Up free game is a fabulous single-player game. Do you have a liking for shooting games? It’s sure that you kick back with this game. Wipe out all stress and tension. In this game, you control a tiny tank through a long road. The tank is small but strong and powerful at rriv game. The path seems to be an endless road. 


You don’t just move on the street. Many dangerous things are coming. Use your bullets to destroy them. Moving blocks are obstacles going down to stop you. Shoot them to continue your journey. Blocks are arranged in rows. A row consists of five blocks in rriv player game. Blocks are colorful. They have blue, green, red, orange, and yellow. One special thing is that each block has a number. One block has number 1 on it while another block has number 5. 


The numbers are a number of shots you have to make to eliminate those blocks. You must shoot 5 times to terminate a block with number 5. When you have a successful shot, the number on a block will reduce. Pay attention to that! Not only does the number change but also the blocks’ color alters. 


If you touch any block, you will lose the game immediately on rriv online game. Replay to go on. After the game ends, you know your total score, shooting speed and shooting power. You may move your tank from side to side. Take bonuses to boost your power. Bonuses bring new skills. For instance, it’s possible to shoot 3 bullets in one shot or shoot big bullets with high damage level. Destroy more to get many points.


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  • Use the mouse to shoot and move.
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