Soccer World Cup 2018

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Soccer World Cup 2018 GamePlay:

Russia 2018 World Cup is coming, Soccer World Cup 2018 is a totally engrossing turn-based game for football fans at You shall control a whole of a team and play as a skillful international player. Soccer World Cup 2018 online game was born for World Cup fans all over the world. You can’t miss big matches in the game on fiv com website.

The Soccer World Cup 2018 game, a great sports one-player game, seems so simple to play. You choose your own team you like so that you compete with the rival. You will play in a certain amount of time of 120 seconds counted down in friv 2018 online game. During the match, you decide the direction to kick the ball so that get it into competitor‘s goal. You should be careful and choose the right player and the good direction.  You have to make goals as many as possible to defeat the opponent team, so you can win, lose or make a tie. All depends on your final result. How many goals can you get on the pitch of free game friv 2018? You can gain points if you give good kicks while playing.

We offer you a nice-graphic pitch to get involved.  There are plenty of teams from various countries such as Spain, Germany, Argentina and Brazil for you to pick out. You can take your most favorite team for sure. Each team has eight players including a goalkeeper in online Soccer World Cup 2018 from Friv online. You will manage seven players to move around the field and kick the ball in such way that you make a goal enter the opposing team’s net.

When the match begins, you are given the first turn. You have 3 times to kick the ball for each turn, so make use of it. Then it is PC turn.  If you are slow to kick, you will lose your turn, and the opponent has a penalty. Therefore, don’t delay. Be fast. You do not want to miss your turn at the fiv com games. Striking a component is considered as a foul which makes your turn end. Watch out your movement!

Do you feel excited? Are you ready to play? Join us! Compete together! Win together!

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Instructions: Use the mouse to kick the ball.