Stickman Fighter

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Stickman Fighter creates a chance so that you fight as a warrior at It is waiting for you to explore. Perform martial art-related ability and strength. Stickman Fighter game is such a competitive and cool game that you cannot stop to play in juegos fri. Win against opponents and be the number one! Much time!
The Stickman Fighter is an online action game. You are a fighting stickman standing in the arena and combating adversaries. They are going to attack you from two both sides. Firstly, it’s simple because antagonists come one by one. Attack waves shall come continuously, however. When you hit a rival, another one waits for you behind him on juegos fri game. You must fight against two competitors at the same time. That’s very dangerous, so move fast and defeat all of them. You are armed with various weapons. In each stage, you will have a kind of weapon. You possess a spear in the level 1.

To beat enemies, you have to use a great number of fighting skills such as punching, kicking, throwing, joint lock, and pinning techniques. Master your skills to be the winner. We have so many levels for you to pass in juegos friv free game. You have to reach targets to unlock following levels. For example, you need to own 100 points in the first level to open the level 2. Points are golden coins you collect. Besides, you may select a country to play as a national athlete.

You will fight until the rivals end your life. Your total result is a combination of the dead opponents, stars, health, and brutality. Try to get high score in all elements to have the highest total point. If you lose your life, you can replay instantly.
Don’t be hesitant anymore. Let’s play and find how many coins you can get. If you want to challenge yourself with superb games such as Stickman Boost, Stickman Shooter and The Spear Stickman, visit Don’t forget to comment and rate our games.

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