Street Ball Jam

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Street Ball Jam is a gripping ball-throwing game at You will make dunks like a real NBA athlete. Street Ball Jam online game must be a good choice to refresh your mind and wipe out pressure in friv kizi. Move your body. Push yourself off the ground. Throw the ball. Let’s join us and win.
The Street Ball Jam game is a one-player game. If you love sports, this game is for you. Your mission is to shoot the ball through the basket. You choose one of two players. One player wears a green shirt while the other wears red outfit. The court is a sunny beautiful beach. We give you many balls and a basket on friv kizi game. You are given a score for each successful dunk.
In a certain amount of time, you must gain enough scores to unlock new balls. You will shoot in 20 seconds with the first ball. Therefore, act rapidly to throw balls exactly. We won’t change basket’s position and height, and direction from which the ball appears. You are just in the zone. Make nice shots. Get 10 scores to buy a new ball. You shoot in 10 seconds with the new ball. Balls have many different designs and colors at friv kizi player game. It is a little bit difficult at first. However, practice more and get used to that. You will definitely play well like a sportsman.  
When you make good shots like combos, you will earn a pink diamond. Collect diamonds to change the court. You use 50 gemstones to move to the city park, for example. You may play on the night beach with 80 diamonds on friv kizi for free. If you cannot get enough points in the limited time, you will fail the match. Fortunately, you probably reply instantly. Sharpen your aiming skill. Challenge and inspire yourself.
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Tap the screen to move the ball upwards.

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