Zippy Pixie

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Zippy Pixie GamePlay:

Zippy Pixie is available on So many kinds of fresh fruits are going to become your targets. Use fruits to make other fruits disappear. Does it sound interesting? Zippy Pixie game is able to raise your spirits. Explore the world of rainbow-like sweet fruits at friv best online games. Be a professional shooter!
The Zippy Pixie seems so easy to play. You take the role of a little goblin boy. Your mission is to shoot fruits to collect more.  We supply various kinds of fruit such as tomato, blueberry, fig, chestnut, and orange. The more levels you finish, the more colorful fruits you see.  You will stand on the ground to throw fruits at a board. We have a rectangular board on which we hang many fruits in friv best online games free. You must get them all. You will use fruit bullets to shoot. Each shot is a fruit. Bullets are kinds of fruit which are on the board. 

 Make a combo of 3 or more identical fruits and clear the field before they reach the bottom line. For instance, you shoot a tomato and create a combo of 3 tomatoes. Then they disappear. When fruits on top vanish, fruits attached to them below will pass from sight too. Select the best direction to make shots and collect fruits as many as you can on www friv best online games.

There are 55 levels to pass. It is a long shot to complete all levels with just one turn. Begin with the level 1. Win it to continue playing the following levels. You need to unlock stages one by one. When you complete a level, the score will show up. Click to enjoy the next level. If you cannot produce combos and fruits touch the bottom, the game will end. You can replay that stage or clear the progress to begin a brand new turn.

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  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
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