Iron Snout

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Iron Snout is nothing short of an amusing game at Meet a cute pink pig. It is in danger. Lots of wolves in various identities want to murder it. Come to blows to protect your own life. Enhance fighting skills. Use all energy to best cunning enemies. Iron Snout game of friev brings you merriment and joy.


Iron Snout free game is a funny game on our site. You play the role of a piglet and try to defeat all wolves. You are alone in the forest or a street. You will practice in a tutorial and get used to movements. You can hit, punch, make high kicks in friev game. Start off! Wolves are your enemies which attack and desire to kill you. They come from 2 sides of the forest. Wolves attack one by one or a group of them hit you.


If many wolves attack you at the same time, you have to act fast. Opponents use various weapons such as knives, swords, saws, and axes. Some wolves control rockets and fly in the air. Catch big air and kick them. Wolves having 2 knives can shoot knives at you on friev player game. Be careful! You may avoid weapons or even take them to attack rivals. Struggle to save your life.


There are 2 levels including forest and city. You fight in the woods if you choose forest level. You play in a city when you pick city level. There are 2 modes consisting of classic and 1HP. You can change the setting. Change the max score among 3, 5, 7 or 9. Alter ball count between 1 or 2. Buttons are to add the score or spawn enemies. Health point can be 1, 2 or 3. Ball size is small, medium or large. Ball gravity is weak, normal or strong in friev online game.


You may see statistics including fight time, total kills, deaths, strikes, hits, best combo, weapon kills, projectile kills, projectile dodged, items caught, and heads knocked off. After the pig dies, all information appears on the screen. A health bar shows your lives. When the bar runs out of red color, the game will end. You are able to restart immediately.


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  • Use W A S D or arrows to control the pig.
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