Lego Super Heroes

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Lego Super Heroes is an engrossing game in If you are a fan of DC comics, you will love this game. You become a superhero protecting and saving the world. Characters are so popular and lovable. Lego Super Heroes game brings you valuable experiences on friv com 2. What about trying it now?

The Lego Super Heroes is so interesting that you cannot stop playing it. You play the role of a hero and try to catch dangerous criminals. If you are Batman, you must catch Catwoman. If you are Superman, you are in charge of placing Lex Luthor under arrest. You choose to play as Batman or Superman in friv com 2 online game. Batman will run, jump on rooftops and fly in the sky to catch an offender. Don’t let you fall down! You will lose a life if you fall. Don’t worry! You can continue playing until you capture the bad villain. Your task is to collect bonuses on the way to use special powers. For example, you can use rockets if you get enough blue icons. We provide 3 scenes to enjoy. You may choose to jump on skyscrapers, train’s cars, and containers.
If you take the role of Superman, you just fly. You are responsible for saving Wonder Woman. Avoid rockets and toxic clouds. Fight against the robot controlled by Lex Luther. Get bonuses to improve your supernatural power on friv com 2 player game. So many difficulties prevent you from rescue the hostage. There are a lot of achievements to encourage you. You will receive badges after passing challenges. The kind of badge depends on the number of bonuses you collect. Your result will be shown on the screen after you finish the mission.   

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  • Use arrows to move the Superman.
  • Use Space to use powers.
  • Use Space to make Batman jump and fly. 
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