Super 8 Race

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Super 8 Race is an absorbing racing game at Drive your vehicle through the challenging tracks full of obstructions. Make an effort to surpass other competitors. Create the perfect driving machine on friz land. Join actively in Super 8 Race game to enjoy our surprising race!
The Super 8 Race is an amusing one-player online game. You will control your own car to go ahead. You can go straight, step back, turn left and turn right. You are able to use some special skills. On the path, you must face challenges and difficulties in www friv. land
Do you have a passion for high-speed races? If you love racing, this game is a great choice for you. We give you a vehicle. You will own a blue sports car. Control it cleverly. You compete with another car on the 8-shaped track. You shall drive 4 laps. If the rivals reach the finish firstly, you will lose your game. Luckily, you can begin a new turn right now at www friv cm.
We don’t have a lot of levels for you to pass. You will master your skill and lead to the path of the champion. Are you ready to begin the race? You must face various kinds of situations like getting stuck or having accidents and overcome so many obstructions. Therefore, you have to drive carefully and control your car strictly. For instance, when another car comes, you must dodge it and minimize incidents at friv cm for free.
Remember to take coins, get scores and avoid collision and damage. If there are too many accidents happening to your car, your scores will be taken away from you. You may fail, and the game is over. Restart immediately.  
Do you feel excited? Are you ready to play? Join us! Compete together! Win together!

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  • Use arrows or click buttons on the screen to drive your car.
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